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Founder: Bader Hamdan 🔗

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Welcome to the newest ecosystem partnerships community!

We're the largest technology partner community on Clubhouse👋 led by Bader H with 4.8k+ technologists, enthusiasts, thought leaders like Jay M, Soumeya B, Cristina F, and many more.

Tech Partnerships club is a social audio space for industry chats & insights for Startups & Enterprises - Guiding Your Ecosystem GTM Journey! And we continue conversations in partnership w/ SaaS Ecosystem Alliance SEA.

We look forward to your participation!

Happenings on Tech Partnerships Club👋

Social Lounge - Partnerships Community (Afternoons Chicago Time)

Join here - Bi-weekly social to network & help each other and our community

Startup Go-To-Market Strategies (Tuesdays @ 4:30pm Chicago Time)

Join here - Weekly GTM journeys & Q/A chat on sales, marketing, partnerships

Top Headlines Tech Partnerships (Fridays Chicago Time)

Join here - Weekly chat highlighting some of the happenings in our industry

Startups Partnering - Office Hours (AM or PM Chicago Time)

Join here - A Q/A office hours empowering Startup Partnerships journeys

Thought Leadership Chats (Scheduled Times)

Hosting various Partnerships chats, so keep an eye out Tech Partnerships Club👋

Club👋 Charter

Ecosystem Partnerships - Alliances - Channels

💪Empowering Your Go-To-Market Journey

🥇Top #1 Partnerships club by Forrester

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Wondering 🤔 how a partnership works, align with ☁️ cloud, launch a SaaS marketplace offer, integrate ISV tech stack, or drive joint 🤝 GTM with partners?

Ecosystem Partnerships are the Enablers of Growth 🌱 and Scale 🚀

And it’s a diverse ecosystem ➡️ from technology partnerships enabling product integrations & co-innovation to strategic alliances & channels driving joint solutions & sales motions 💸

🧐 So do you have a holistic GTM strategy? One that outlines a sell-with / co-sell or resell / sell-through motion to solve customers business challenges & scale growth 📈

🗣We share insights, experiences, advice to help startups, SMBs, Enterprises, and all leaders navigate their partnerships & alliances journey to fuel growth🔥

Club👋 Guidelines

Be Human

Empathy builds trust. We are all humans, and authentic people are welcome. Love for your fellow human what you love for yourself!

Be Respectful

Please respect everyone in the room, speakers, guests, all opinions & perspectives. Disrespect will not be tolerated & reported.

Be Supportive

We are here only to help each other succeed, period. If you have any insights please join the stage, all are welcome!

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